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The Millennium Piling Systems™ are designed to utilize the power and strength of steel, concrete, epoxy and a plastic insulator to create a piling to last the life of the structure it’s supporting.  The Millennium Piling Systems™ are state-of-the-art products for underpinning interior and exterior concrete grade beams on both slab foundations and pier and beam foundations.  


Traditional concrete pilings do not have the ability be driven deep enough to be effective, they tend to break under the intense pressure it takes to drive them to the point of refusal.   Steel pilings were bending to the extreme of literally curving and coming back up out of the ground.  The Millennium Piling Systems™ were created in 2001 to correct those very issues. The Millennium Pilings are designed to go approximately 30% deeper than any other piling system on the market.  To address the flexibility of traditional steel pilings, The Millennium Piling’s steel cylinders are larger in diameter and are filled with 5,000 psi concrete.  In addition, the steel cylinders are constructed with three wings to force the cylinders STRAIGHT (moving uniformly in one direction only; without a curve or bend) into the soil and keeping them from bending and veering off a straight path.   The Millennium Piling Systems™ comes with a Lifetime of the Structure Warranty.  As of March 2017, over 100,000 have been installed and less than 1% have not properly performed and needed adjustments.  


The Millennium Piling Systems™ are designed for the tough Texas soils and will work in the toughest of soils all over the world.  The Millennium Piling Systems™ are suitable for deep plastic clay soils as well as stiff, rocky, hard packed soils found throughout the United States. 


The Millennium Piling Systems™ were designed to meet and exceed the industry standards of Professional Engineers. In addition, The Millennium Piling Systems™ also meet the specifications set forth by the Council of American Building Officials (CABO), Uniform Commercial Code (UCC), and the International Building Code (IRC) which regulate the standards for FHA, VA and HUD home loans.  

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